InteriorLiving Ibrahim Saboune

Contact Person: Ibrahim Saboune

Phone: +961 03 20 43 32

Location: Tripoli

Ibrahim Saboune fell in love with wood carving since the first day his father, Fawze Saboune, took him to the workshop he opened back in 1972.

Father and son share the passion of carving and treat wood as a precious blessing to create everything that’s beautiful. Fawze who is still involved in the business is proud of carving unique designs from wood till this day and sees in it an escape.

The family’s love for the craft has attracted designers, galleries and architects from all over the country for years now and their art is still gaining fame every day.

Today Ibrahim, the modern face of the company, is seeking change and business development to secure the continuation of this honored form of art in Tripoli.


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