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Contact Person: Hachem El-Masri

Phone: + 961 3 161 567

Location: Tripoli

The success of El-Masri family started in the 1950s…Mahmoud El-Masri was only a child when he used to visit the carpentry shop, a factory of wonder and imagination. He grew up watching his older brother work with wood, sculpting and building lifeless logs into whatever he wished. For him it was sheer magic. As he grew, his passion for carpentry grew stronger, nourished by his patient brother who taught him everything he needs to know about carpentry.

But life eventually separated the two siblings as Mahmoud’s older brother had to leave for Australia. Determined to make something out of their childish carpentry adventures, Mahmoud established his first business when he was only 20 years old, called it “Home of Modern Furniture” and he thrived. He handled major projects for the Lebanese presidential palace and others in Jordan, where he also taught the art of carving.

Today Mahmoud’s son, Hashem El-Masri, carries the mission, an interior designer with a management diploma and a work experience in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait. The business took a modern twist with the son but never lost its craftsmanship with Mahmoud’s continuous involvement in creating prototypes by hand.

Today the reputable company prides itself with mastering the manufacturing of doors known locally as Najjar Arabe as well as French classic style including Baroc, Louis 14 and Regency. Inspired from the international designs and regional exhibitions both father and son are proud to sell their creations here in Lebanon and abroad.


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