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Contact Person: George Hanna

Phone: +9613322371

Location: Tripoli

This story began on the shores of Tripoli’s harbor, locally known as “mina”. In 1975, the father and founder of the business, George Rafic Hanna opened his carpentry shop, carving and producing dining rooms, while the Lebanese war was just about to erupt. Despite tough times, through hard work and determination, the business expanded in the 1990s and production covered all sorts of furniture products.

Renowned for their skillful work, the gallery began exporting furniture to the Gulf countries, some parts of Africa as well as Australia.

Georges Hanna had 3 sons who are now all involved in the business. By infusing a modern spirit into their work and maintaining a high level of quality, George, Elie and Rudy are selling to individuals and galleries alike. They learned to adapt to the market’s needs and offer a variety of classic style furniture to more modern ones, all at competitive prices.

Today Gallery Hanna’s relies on social media communication while regional exhibits and designers remain the business’s consistent source of inspiration.


Rachid Karami International Fair-Tripoli-Lebanon
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