Contact Person: Wassim Ferri

Phone: +961 71 697 774

Location: Tripoli

The story of Ferri started with a deep rooted passion for beauty. Through several years of experience, Ferri acquired a unique sense of elegance that led the company to design its own furniture pieces. Ferri’s furniture business grew and with it they learnt new techniques, mastered the art of selling and got to know what the market demands at every level. Few years later the brand was launched.

The uniqueness of Ferri’s creations grabbed people’s attention and got them asking for more. Word of mouth drove clients form Lebanon and neighboring countries to enjoy Ferri’s work and soon the company launched its own lines, featuring the best in the showroom and releasing their very own marketing and digital campaigns.

Ferri always seeks to save a spot in international exhibitions which they think are an inspiration. Currently selling comprehensive interior design services, Ferri believes that reinventing the brand needs patience and love for the trade. If one understands these secrets then he is destined for success.


Rachid Karami International Fair-Tripoli-Lebanon
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Email: info@minjara.com

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