El Ratel Factory

Contact Person: Hachem Haddad

Phone: +961-03-113079

Location: Tripoli

Since he first opened his factory in 1967, Abdul Salam El Ratel knew that in order to stand out in a furniture hub like Tripoli, one has to sharpen his skills and master a specialty. Bedrooms are no easy task, but he went for it anyway, carving, designing and producing them among other types of furniture.

Slowly but surely Abdul Salam managed to create his own style, partnering with Hachem Haddad, who now manages the carpentry closely. Their clientele comes all the way from Beirut, Bekaa and even Saudi Arabia. Producing all things classic with a unique expertise in Marquetry, CNC and handmade work, El Ratel Factory stands today as one of the go-to carpentries for architects, galleries and individuals.

Today, both Abdul Salam and Hachem believe in the power of limitless creativity and speak relentlessly about the inspiration and discoveries they find online. “Being flexible and adaptable to change is the secret of a successful company” they both agree, but above all, the best way to keep the business going is to accept nothing but perfection from start to finish.


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