InteriorLiving Al Waad Sadek

Contact Person: Mounir Kanjo

Phone: +961 70 31 67 45

Location: Tripoli

It’s 1965 in the serene town of Zehriyeh in the suburbs of Tripoli, a young Ghazi Kanjo was planning to open his own wood shop and it started off well. Following decades of hard work, Ghazi managed to establish a good business and a respectable reputation. Years after, his brother Mounir and son Saleh took over the business with a goal to export their goods to major cities around the world. They managed to send their woodcrafts to Australia in the 90s and to New York on different occasions.

Renowned for their detailed carving, the company specializes today in both modern and classic furniture styles offering everything from customized doors to dining rooms, chairs and more.

Always open to change and business development, Mounir and Saleh are continuously on the lookout for new trends and rely on social media to reflect their unique spirit to their clients.


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