Adnan Ghiyeh

contact: Adnan Ghiyeh

phone: +961 3 974 548

Location: Tripoli

From Zehriye in Tripoli to the Gulf region, Syria and the USA, Adnan has taken his business to new uncharted grounds, proudly exporting his wood products.

Thanks to a unique approach to what he calls “mobilia”, Ghiyeh mastered the design and production of bedrooms, living rooms and chairs.

Founded in the 1970’s, the company has passed through turbulent waters, ending on safe shores. Believing in the power of diversified services, it caters on the customers’ orders, the pieces they wish to have in their surrounding living or workings spaces.

Ghiyeh believes that a great customer service should go in pair with great, high-quality communication that puts him in the position of an expert in the industry. He’s most powerful tool of style and trends awareness is his showroom which keeps the satisfied clients coming for top notch upholstery.


Rachid Karami International Fair-Tripoli-Lebanon
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