Abdallalh Zayni

Contact Person: Abdallalh Zayni

Phone: +961-70-342710

Location: Tripoli

Born with a talent to create, Abdallah wide imagination lead him to a creative path. In 1967, Abdallah decided to join the carpenters of Mina, who for him were masters of creativity and carving. After several years working and learning from the very best, Abdallah decided to start his own business. The year 1982 was the year he will never forget. It was the year he opened his carpentry in Mina, Tripoli along his previous mentors.

The business picked up quickly, Abdallah was soon designing and carving his own furniture creation to export to USA and Australia. “My wealth is my carving” he says, a wealth he invested in and fostered till he made himself a name locally and nationwide, catering to individuals, galleries and architects.

Today Abdallah still carves by hand, producing the best classic and modern furniture. His inspiration comes from the web, where he can explore different styles and arts. Abdallah has also established a presence online through a Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


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