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Stimulating the inventiveness of some of the preeminent local designers and design studios, Minjara creates, through its trusted craftsmen, a line of limited hand-selected pieces that inspire beauty and originality. Each edition reveals both heritage value and impressive novelty.

The first edition of Minjara Editions was revealed in Paris through an exhibition under the title “Design Ethos meets Craftsmanship” at the residence of the Lebanese ambassador to France His Excellency Mr. Rami Adwan, bringing together 10 Lebanese signatures and artisans from Tripoli.

In an exhibition space curated by Hala Moubarak, Minjara’s very first edition revealed the fruits of this solid exchange of ideas and know how.

This belief in engagement and conviction highlights the primary artistic goal of collaboration in today’s world of design.

Discover the collaborations between the renowned Lebanese designers and artisans from Tripoli:



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