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Minjara is an EU initiative that has built on this very solid foundation to keep the tradition of woodcraft going and set up a production inventory for better times. We aim at uncovering the challenges of securing a sustainable market presence for Tripoli’s carpenters, and at proposing strategic options to address these challenges by growing furniture market globally, mainly in MENA region where the demand is expected to remain positive over the next 5 years.

The wood processing sector, and particularly the furniture industry, used to be an important driver of the Lebanese economy. Historically, Tripoli constituted the heart of this industry and of the furniture production, hosting the majority of timber warehouses and carpenters. It was the hub for wealthy buyers of luxury furniture especially from other Middle Eastern countries.

Minjara shall elaborate initiatives for the development and management of the Cluster, in order to stimulate innovative activities through promotion, infrastructure sharing, exchange and transfer of knowledge and competences. It shall help in information diffusion and collaboration among companies and other actors belonging to the cluster.

The project offers interventions that target the large number of small producers of traditional designs that can be resistant to change, and the smaller community of SMEs that are open to modernization and change.

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