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Thomas Trad

Thomas Trad is a product designer form Beirut. An alumnus of London’s prestigious Central Saint Martins, he worked with world renowned studios Fredrikson Stallard and Michael Anastassiades before returning to Beirut in 2016 to launch his own design studio. His designs aesthetics comes from a fascination f manufacturing processes, craftsmanship and the beauty of materials.

Thomas reveals his aesthetic sensibilities through furniture in the expression of a style that is both poetic and structured, where organic shapes meet abstract forms. While conceiving his growing collection, Thomas adopts an experimental approach to materials.

Thomas recently graduated from Suikoushya International Craft School in Kyoto where he further explored his passion for building processes through tradition and a contemporary approach.

Jihad Toros

Elias Toros, the man who perfected the art of carpentry since 1952 was keen on offering the best he can to his clients. Specializing in classic styles, Elias started off manufacturing doors and other wood materials. In his carpentry career, Elias furnished everything from homes to churches and mosques, until his son Jihad joined in.

The business with Jihad took a modern turn and Toros workshops began producing mixed material furniture where metal, steel and wood merged to create beautiful pieces.

Jihad’s impressive view of the future and his deep know-how of the past has been luring individuals and professionals to buy his furniture since the 1990s. Toros’ furniture is always on trend both with their creations and their presence on modern communication channels such as social media and other digital platforms.


Whilst brainstorming with Jihad on this project we discovered that we both had a very strong passion for a specific material: wood. Which is why we decided to put my carpenter’s knowledge and Jihad’s skills to the test. Therefore, all of my pieces are entirely made out of wood using joinery techniques.

« J » Stool
Dimensions: 47.5 x 60 x 30 cm
Materials: American Oak wood
Price: $546

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« J » Side table
Dimensions: D 52 x 60 cm
Materials: American Oak wood
Price: $672

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« J » Coffee Table
Dimensions: 120 x 80 x 32 cm
Materials: American Oak wood
Price: $1,176

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