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Ṭrāblos, or Tripoli “The three cities”, is historically a cluster. The largest city in northern Lebanon and the “second capital” of the country Tripoli is overlooking the eastern Mediterranean Sea and bathing a string of four small islands offshore.

Known as well for “al-fayḥā′ “, the city was once known for its vast orange orchards and during the blooming season, the enchanting orange flowers scent was carried on the air, perfuming the city and suburbs.

Through the ages Tripoli earned recognition for many crafts and industries among which woodcraft dating back to the 1850’s. The city’s craftsmanship grew in fame and Tripoli became a regional hub for luxury and artsy furniture. Wood was a vital part of their existence; it was their livelihood for more than half a century, and is the traditional craft of the people of the city. They were born here and have lived and breathed wood from birth, as their parents were running this business before them. But the market has changed a lot. Unfortunately, Tripoli’s woodcraft industry suffered during the war of many ailments leading to decline and disregard, worsened by the emergence on the market of low-cost imported furniture, which has captured a significant market size. With the crisis and influx of imported products, everything has changed, and not everyone was able to survive it.


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