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Creating an integrated platform to support new products development and offering training sessions for 25 selected participants among the clusters member. These 75 training sessions shall aim is to build capacities and skills in a diversity of fields such as business, marketing, management, communication, bookkeeping as well as technical courses in Basic drawing and 3D drawing.

The integrated platform is a hub, a meeting point to facilitate the product development for Tripoli carpenters. For this purpose, a rehabilitation process of the space dedicated to the hub in Rachid Karami International Fair of Tripoli was launched. This site will serve as a base for inputs selection, product design, quality management, prototyping and pre-production (workshop), exhibition (showroom).

Carpenters are endorsed by a complete management system ensuring professionalism, quality control and up to the standards processes.

Tripoli’s Carpenters Cluster, with the help of Minjara, will have to adopt diversity of styles and overcome lack of clients’s trust while adopting more automated procedures and competitive prices. Tripoli shall build up its carpentry brand and break through the clutter with competitiveness, higher productivity standards and participation.


Rachid Karami International Fair-Tripoli-Lebanon
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