collaboration Sahar Bizri X Jihad Toros and Jamal Korek

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Sahar Bizri

Sahar Bizri is a Lebanese Interior Architect based in Beirut.
In 2001 she graduated from Lebanese American University.
For over 17 years, she was commissioned to design a multitude of interiors.
In 2014 she co-established KNOCK DESIGN, a furniture line which was made by Lebanese artisans.

In 2017 she started her own production line, SAHAR BIZRI DESIGNS introducing functional furniture pieces that combine innovative mechanics and contemporary design. Her finesse designs bring together: a contemporary aesthetics marked by clean smooth lines with soft edges merge with unique yet functional mechanical movements.

She proudly produces and manufacture her products in Lebanon as she does the follow up on her production to assure the best finishing materials.

She participated in Beirut Design Fair for two years in a row:
– 2017 she launched her first collection, the rotating side tables along with home accessories designs.

2018 she launched the rotating mirrors, pouf , coffee table and appliques with other new home accessories.

In 2019 she participated with Meet My Project during Milan design week along with other international designers, showing her rotating metal mirrors with indirect lighting.

Sahar Bizri is well known for her linear touch.

Jihad Toros

Elias Toros, the man who perfected the art of carpentry since 1952 was keen on offering the best he can to his clients. Specializing in classic styles, Elias started off manufacturing doors and other wood materials. In his carpentry career, Elias furnished everything from homes to churches and mosques, until his son Jihad joined in.

The business with Jihad took a modern turn and Toros workshops began producing mixed material furniture where metal, steel and wood merged to create beautiful pieces.

Jihad’s impressive view of the future and his deep know-how of the past has been luring individuals and professionals to buy his furniture since the 1990s. Toros’ furniture is always on trend both with their creations and their presence on modern communication channels such as social media and other digital platforms.

Jamal Korek

This is a story about heritage, perseverance and love of wood. A decade ago the great grandfather of the Korek family worked relentlessly to make a living out of what he mastered best: doing furniture. The love of wood ran in the family from one generation to another growing stronger every day.

Today the business is riding the wave of change with Ahmed Korek who inherited the family business and is planning to pass the torch to his interior designer son.
With a portfolio that includes dining rooms, living rooms, doors and home decor, Ahmed was able to export his products to several countries in the gulf especially Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Always looking to keep the business’s image modern and engaging, Korek is found active on social media pages communicating trust, high quality and professional service.


The purpose and the challenge of this collection, is to add life to solid Materials such as wood and metal in a very delicate and soft designs. Using visual effect with the vertical lines, and depth in the elements as 3D effect. which gives a special touch as if the product flow at its randomness.

Executed by Jamal El Korek
Dimensions: 140 x 45 x 24 cm
Materials: Solid Teak wood base – Plantation Teak – Linen upholstery
Price: $2,016

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Mirror and Indirect Lighting
Executed by Jihad Toros
Dimensions: 82.5 x 100 cm
Materials: Solid Teak wood – Plantation Teak
Plexiglass details with Brass effect
Price: $1,260

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Luminaire on rotating foot
Executed by Jihad Toros
Dimensions: 33 x 187 cm
Materials: Solid Teak wood – Metal structure – LED lighting
Dimmable lighting
Price: $3,780

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