Samih El Gam

Contact Person: Samih El Gam

Phone: +961-03-894561

Location: Tripoli

Samih grew up watching his dad Abed in his carpentry, turning wood into beautiful pieces of furniture since 1935. His eyes twinkled with wonder every time he saw the carvers carve wood into art. Naturally he wanted to be a craftsman as well.

In 1972, Samih joined his father in the business with a vision for it to grow and prosper from a small carpentry to a furniture factory catering to large scale productions. His high-end finishing of living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms attracted clientele from Lebanon as well as USA, Germany and Australia.

Offering classic and carved furniture, Samih always finds inspiration in his clients, be it architects, individuals or even galleries. Their special requests, backgrounds and diverse styles trigger his imagination to carve more, create new models and explore new trends.


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