InteriorLiving Boisselier Safi

Contact Person: Bakhos Safi

Phone: + 961 03 33 14 23

Location: Tripoli

Nothing made Kamel Safi happier than being at his carpentry shop and crafting his furniture. His love for his vocation was remarkable and people trusted his skills and in 1950 Kamel founded “Manchara Kamel Safi”. Kamel never missed a day of work always involved in the smallest details until his death in 2016.

Vowing not to let his father’s business close, his son Bakhos took over, putting everything he learned from his father into practice. Thus, Boisselier Safi was established in 1992, a modern furniture business that covered modern and classic styles. The amazing reputation of his father and his determination to honor his legacy, led Bakhos to expand his work inside the country and outside, reaching GCC, Canada, France, Italy, and Belgium.

Boisselier Safi specializes in a range of furniture products including doors, wall cladding, customized designs and home decor, never missing a trend in Milan, Paris or Valencia. The works and services of Boisselier Safi can be seen on all social media and digital platforms.


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