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Ahmad Bazazo

Born and Raised in Beirut, a city infamous for its turbulent history, and its location at the intersection of east and west, Ahmad was able to benefit from the strengths of his locale. A city of constant change and duality, with a strong identity yet an openness and willingness to learn and benefit from external influences. It is this contrast and mixity, which has created a vibrant local design scene, ready for a unique mark and interpretation.

Ahmad is a designer that is always questioning the current state of things, and the relevance of their being, and while based in a city that lives day by day, the concepts of reinterpretation and reinvention play a pivotal role in everyday life. Ahmad sees this as a key opportunity, one that is sparked by a state of instability; a means to understand the past and present in order to create a new life, based on preexisting wealth and forgotten glory.

Mohamad Masri

Known for his love for the classics, Yousef El Masri was a carpenter of high skills with an eye for detail. Interior designers, architects and individuals who seek quality and classic design have been loyal customers to Al Masri’s business since 1990.

Even after Yousef’s death in 2002, the legacy continues through the son, Mohamed who remains devoted to the art of creating classic furniture with high standard material and finishing. Mohamed believes that trends are created mutually with the clients who share the styles they like, as he adds his know-how and expertise to produce unique pieces.


A simple story, a basic game, and a favorite pastime of the people. Backgammon is played by old and young alike, transcending the physical, social, and economic boundaries of the cities we live in. It is a base of common grounds, one that can be found in the streets and the home alike. All you require is a stool, a base, and a board.

Backgammon Table
Handmade Brass details.
Dimensions: 49 x 29 x 8.5 cm
Materials: American Walnut wood – French Oak wood
Price: $840

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Linen upholstery – Wicker weaving.
Dimensions: 45 x 42 cm
Materials: American Walnut wood – French Oak wood
Price: $420

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Side table – Bedside table
Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 62 cm
Materials: Brass – French Oak wood – Carrara marble – Wicker weaving.
Price: $1,092

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